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Pulsatron dust collector Low Cost Industrial Dust Collectors
Metal dusts control and particles filtration/ recovery for factories, using cycle tyle dust collectors and heavy duty and long lasting electrostatic precipitators and VOC concentrators (up to 99.97% of removal range) in Canada United States & Mexico. Our machines are used tp prevent respiratory diseases and use activated carbon in order to improve the absorption level of solid particles or fumes as well.

Industrial dusts inhalation are held responsible for different diseases like silicosis, coal workers pneumoconiosis, mesothelioma, asbestosis, byssinosis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Eliminate these dusts from the source using dust collectors, conduct test air monitoring to measure and establish worker exposure levels and lock your disposal bags. And don't forget that nanomaterials also carry high risks.

Dust types : materia science, nanotechnologiy and nanoparticle, petroleum, chemistry, wood industry...

AAF International - Bag dust collector pulse jet designed and manufactured bu FabriPulse / Millenium / Arrest All Series

ACS : Advanced Cyclone Systems - Cyclone and multi function dust collectors + cartridge

Plymovent - mobile dust collectors SmartOne & MultiDust Bank for welding fumes, fire stations, tobacco smoke, vehicle exhaust, indoor air quality and oil mist.

Clean air at work - Isolate source extraction and filtration machines

To prevent corrosation, dust collector manufacturers use layers of fiberglass and plastic membranes. Every composite has a pattent and a blue print after a R&D schedule. Some machines are NSF tested for working with a wind flow up to 300 Kilometers per hour with significant leakage.

Odor dust extractor for sale, this one is a wet particulate scrubber with starting price at 560.000$. The most economical way to get a permanent corrosion resistant installation that will last for at least 10 years (sump liquor not included, you also need to use brand new spray nozzles in compliance with federal regulation and never extend a use of more than 1.000 hours for each rubber pipe).

Used air dust collector for sale


DUALLast® FRP is the most cost-effective material of construction available for stronger, more corrosion resistant products. With an inner liner of PVC (or other inert material) and an outer layer of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), DUALLast® construction provides a superior corrosion barrier that extends service life and provides maximum structural integrity under the most severe operating conditions. A permanent bonding system, which forms a laminate that builds on the strength of FRP and the chemical resistance of PVC, is the key. Common causes of material failure such as corrosion, delamination, wicking, crazing, blistering, temperature extremes and impact are all readily controlled.


Chiko - Mechanical Shakers High & Low Pressure

SSCE - Abrasive Models

Wamgroup - Atex Dustshake Wamair Bulk solids and handling / processing

Wameco installation

DRYBATCH - Dry-Batch Concrete Plant
DUSTSHAKE R01 - Polygonal Dust Collectors with Shaker Cleaning
HOPPERJET - Hopper Venting Filter
HOPPERTOP - Weigh Hopper Venting Filter
RECOFIL - Pneumatic Conveying System for Automatic Recovery of Dust from Fume Filters
SILOTOP - Silo Venting Filters
TECU - Fume and Dust Filter
WAMAIR - Polygonal Dust Collectors
WAMAIR Vacuum - Insertable Polygonal for Negative Pressure
WAMECO - Clamped Round
WAMFLO - Flanged Round

De-Dusting Controlers

Chuan Fan

Clean Up Your Factory With A Farr Dust Collector!

Dustfix conditioners for dust collectors
Dustfix dust collectors

Clyde Process - Modular cartridges dust collectors

TRM Filter - Food industry and explosive fields

AER Service Equipments - Vacuum Cleaning Dusting Units Manufacturer


Downdraft Tables & Welding Booths Air Pollution Solutions

Air Pollution Machines

ERP CMMS and Maintenance Softwares for daily production profitability : From pellet to forklifts, don't miss another delivery with made for plastic all-in-one scheduling software. Watch your true shift profitability in real time and react now with ERP solutions for plastic manufacturing factories in Canada. Add-on full traceability from receiving to shipping (lot control to material certification). HDPE Lot 1252... 95%. Blue 1465 3% - UV 6M 2% Box 14-2 UV 6M , so integrate all processes in a simple workflow. Shift 1 concerns resin pricing CCP HDPE 1.04$, PVC and LLDPE dust collectors pricelist.

ERP Software for plastic factory

Clemco Industries Corp - Air Treatmen Machines and Special Valves Collectors Solenoid Bags Dimensions

Crystal Mark - Tender high pressure mobile units with capacity / power from 1000 cfm up to 25000 cfm cyclotron custom made mechanical shakers

A.D Envirotec - Modular industrial air filters

Duskolector collecting central unit

Jaudt Dosiertechnik - rotary valves ZSFI

MGT Filtri x Aria - Fiberglass filter media supports and pulse jet solenoid valves & automation

Dynabrade - Tubes and portable pneumatic belt sander models from 0.5 HP to 100 HP for factory needs, get rid of your dangerous and useless dusts.

Maeser - Compressors for wheelabrator machines and equipment parts + air duster



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